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bionaut's Journal

8 November
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I am a Christian. After that I am a DJ, critic, a primary protagonist of the auditory revolution, cryptozoologist, apologetic, writer. My passion is my ambient/electronic show on WEVL FM 90 here in Memphis that I host on Monday nights from eight pm to midnight. I write articles on the ambient movement and all its aspects (experimental, atmospheric, dark, progressive) for several music publications as well as reviews and interviews (from Steve Roach to Pete Namlook) and am pretty much heavily involved with it. I have been and worked all over the world. I love to play chess and am ranked professionally around 1800. I am fascinated with history, from ancient to modern. I read constantly, specifically accounts or personal narratives of the human condition. I am surrounded by thousands of books, cd's, and three cats who do not like each other. And of course, my lovely wife......

I also run the ambient community
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